Growing Hope: Cultivating a Resilient Future in
Sandbranch, Texas

Movement Strategy Center Shares the Sandbranch Revitalization Fund’s ProgressSandbranch’s relationship with water paints a poignant narrative of resilience. The absence of safe, clean water reverberates throughout the entire fabric of the community, touching upon every aspect of life — people, productivity, and the natural world alike. Yet, amid these…

Four people stand in front of a wall of botanical greenery at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco

MSC’s Advancement Team Meets in the Hills of Oakland for Team Building

Movement Strategy Center’s Advancement Team Met in Person for the First Time for Strategy, Culture, and Fun by David MalinowskiOriginating from Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Texas, MSC’s Advancement team converged in the hills of Oakland, CA for their first in-person retreat. Meeting together in person for the first time helped the team…

Moving Money Where it Matters

Movement Strategy Center on Shifting Philanthropic Power Dynamics Towards Interdependence and Resilience

Sandbranch, Texas, and the Intersectionality of American Water

Movement Strategy Center Considers Water Equity, the Clean Water Act, and the Repercussions of Sackett v. EPAWater seems fairly innocuous — you open your tap and water comes out. You assume it’s safe, it’s clean, it’s drinkable. Maybe you prefer Poland Spring or Lacroix, or you use a Brita, but you assume you can drink your water. You certainly feel comfortable…

Changing Funder Habits to Change the Game

Justice Funder’s Co-Director Dana Kawaoka-Chen on the Habit Shifting Takeaways From the Transitions Labs

Honoring the Legacy of Sandbranch:
Yesterday and Today

Explore a Texas Freedman's Settlement's Historic Cemetery 

The MSC Storytelling Series: Jacqui Patterson

Our Storytelling Series Features the Folks Most Associated With MSC's History: Meet Jacqui Patterson