Addressing and Accepting Conflict for Stronger Movements

MSC on Essential Mindset Shifts for Stronger MovementsWhat do you think of when you hear the word conflict? Maybe it’s that tense moment in a scary movie — spooky music and squeaking doors. Maybe it’s on the news — clashing heads of state and political unrest. Or, maybe it’s the shocking twist in that prestige drama you’re watching. Conflict is everywhere —…

Announcing Our Website’s New Landing Page: Why MSC?

Over a Year in the Making, Our New Landing Page is Also Our New DEI Page

Gender Just Climate Solutions with Jane Fonda and Jacqui Patterson

A Climate Week Gathering Highlights Small Projects, Big Impacts, and the Work of Women

Shaping the Future of Environmental Justice:
A Conversation with MSC’s Environmental Fellow

Movement Strategy Center Explores Architecture, Community Engagement, and Mentorship with Walter Hunt

Growing Hope: Cultivating a Resilient Future in
Sandbranch, Texas

Movement Strategy Center Shares the Sandbranch Revitalization Fund’s ProgressSandbranch’s relationship with water paints a poignant narrative of resilience. The absence of safe, clean water reverberates throughout the entire fabric of the community, touching upon every aspect of life — people, productivity, and the natural world alike. Yet, amid these…

Four people stand in front of a wall of botanical greenery at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco

MSC’s Advancement Team Meets in the Hills of Oakland for Team Building

Movement Strategy Center’s Advancement Team Met in Person for the First Time for Strategy, Culture, and Fun by David MalinowskiOriginating from Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Texas, MSC’s Advancement team converged in the hills of Oakland, CA for their first in-person retreat. Meeting together in person for the first time helped the team…

New Podcast on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Features Advocates for Environmental Justice in San Francisco

MSC Chats with Breathe’s Tania Abdul, Journalist Rebecca Bowe, and Activist Renay Jenkins about the Series and Bayview-Hunters PointEarly this year, Breathe, a Bay Area fiscally sponsored project of MSC, partnered with freelance journalist Rebecca Bowe to release a three-part podcast called Sandblasted at the Shipyard. It covers the history of contamination at…

Moving Money Where it Matters

Movement Strategy Center on Shifting Philanthropic Power Dynamics Towards Interdependence and Resilience

Our Family, Our Future: My Global Migration Pledge

How the Right to Migrate, Climate Justice, and Global Interdependence are all Interwoven by Taj JamesFrom the Archive. The Let's Talk Movement Building Blog

Parenting for Liberation: My Practice and the MSC Transitions Labs

How Liberation, Freedom, and Self Love Form the Foundation of Parenting in White Supremacy by Trina Greene BrownFrom the Archive. The Let's Talk Movement Building Blog