Addressing and Accepting Conflict for Stronger Movements

MSC on Essential Mindset Shifts for Stronger MovementsWhat do you think of when you hear the word conflict? Maybe it’s that tense moment in a scary movie — spooky music and squeaking doors. Maybe it’s on the news — clashing heads of state and political unrest. Or, maybe it’s the shocking twist in that prestige drama you’re watching. Conflict is everywhere —…

Ten More Years of Healing

Healing Clinic Collective Shares Their Vision for the Next Decade of HealingThe communal spirit soared high at Humanist Hall on October 14, 2023, celebrating the decade-long journey of the Healing Clinic Collective (HCC). Dozens of folks came out to partake in the music, love, and laughter that — along with incense of copal and tobacco — infused the air at a…

HCC’s Decade of
Cultivating Healing

Movement Strategy Center Celebrates Ten Years of Healing Clinic CollectiveCelebrating a decade of unwavering commitment to community health and healing, the Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) marks its tenth anniversary with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Since its inception, HCC has been a beacon of hope and support for communities, offering accessible…

Gender Just Climate Solutions with Jane Fonda and Jacqui Patterson

A Climate Week Gathering Highlights Small Projects, Big Impacts, and the Work of Women

Growing Hope: Cultivating a Resilient Future in
Sandbranch, Texas

Movement Strategy Center Shares the Sandbranch Revitalization Fund’s ProgressSandbranch’s relationship with water paints a poignant narrative of resilience. The absence of safe, clean water reverberates throughout the entire fabric of the community, touching upon every aspect of life — people, productivity, and the natural world alike. Yet, amid these…

365 Days After Ferguson: Vision More Than Ever

More Than Ever We Need to Come Together to Realize Transformative Change by Aisha Shillingford

In Memoriam:
ibrahim abdul-matin

Movement Strategy Center Remembers ibrahim abdul-matin, Environmental Activist, Urban Strategist, and Dear Friend of the MSC EcosystemIt is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of ibrahim abdul-matin, a bright, playful spirit who made a lasting impact as an environmental activist, urban strategist, and beloved friend. At 46, he leaves behind his devoted wife…

Four people stand in front of a wall of botanical greenery at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco

MSC’s Advancement Team Meets in the Hills of Oakland for Team Building

Movement Strategy Center’s Advancement Team Met in Person for the First Time for Strategy, Culture, and Fun by David MalinowskiOriginating from Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Texas, MSC’s Advancement team converged in the hills of Oakland, CA for their first in-person retreat. Meeting together in person for the first time helped the team…

Love, Artistry, and Movement at the Queer Afro Latin Dance Fest

Movement Strategy Center Proudly Sponsors a Weekend of Mesmerizing Dance

Exploring Felix Cove: A Journey of Indigenous Heritage and Advocacy

Movement Strategy Center Explores Point Reyes National Seashore with FSP Alliance For Felix CoveIn the ever-growing movement to restore Indigenous lands to Indigenous hands, the Alliance for Felix Cove stands at the forefront in Northern California, fiercely fighting to protect, restore, and rematriate the ancestral homestead of the Coast Miwok/Támal-ko Felix…