Movement Strategy Center Proudly Sponsors a Weekend of Mesmerizing Dance

Movement Strategy Center (MSC) recently co-sponsored the fifth annual Queer Afro Latin Dance Fest in San Jose, CA. This incredible annual event showcases extraordinary talent and passion within the dance community — with dancers, instructors, and participants traveling in from all over the country and the world. The breathtaking performances were just the beginning: this year, two of the festival’s dancers got engaged and shared their beautiful moment with the festival attendees. 

The weekend-long festival, held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, was packed with exhilarating dance workshops, pool parties, and so much more. 

Leila McCabe Williams leads the Beloved Communities Network — a Movement Strategy Network partner. She is a passionate supporter of the Queer Afro Latin Dance Fest, and part of a small team that plans and produces the event. Williams — who described this year’s slate as “an incredible, epic, and magical weekend” — has been a part of the event since its first year. MSC has been a proud sponsor since then as well.

Co-founded by Jahaira Fajardo and Angelica Amor Medina, both dancers and choreographers, the event featured talented artist showcases with music by DJ Olga T and the visionary direction of choreography duo Alex and Desiree. But at one point, love took center stage as dancers Latisha Hardy and Miranda Hernandez got engaged — a beautiful partnership, both on and off the dancefloor. Audience members who witnessed their performance couldn’t help but be moved by the deep connection between these two individuals. And, their engagement became a symbol of dance’s power to unite people and the love that blooms within the community. Williams wished the pair “a lifetime of joy, harmony, and endless dance routines together.”

The Queer Afro Latin Dance Fest is more than just a series of performances; it serves as a space for healing and transformation. This year a panel discussion on body image and body positivity within the dance community was a highlight. Williams said she is “so honored and proud to be part of a small team that works together to put on such a beautiful event that is healing for so many.” That includes its safe and inclusive environment where individuals can express themselves freely, embrace their identities, and find solace in the power of dance. 

As the event continues to grow in scope and popularity, the Queer Afro Latin Dance Fest remains an essential space for healing, joy, and the celebration of authentic self expression. After this fifth anniversary milestone, anticipation for next year’s festival is already building. Next year’s events will be even bigger, with two spectacular live concerts: the infectious rhythms of Choco Orta’s sizzling salsa tunes and Johnny Sky’s captivating bachata melodies. Early bird tickets are already sold out — but keep your eyes out for additional tickets and discounts throughout the year.  

Watch a recap and swipe through for more images from the festival below.