Our Board

Sihle Dinani

Board Treasurer

Tomás Garduño

Board Member

Taj James

Board President, Co-Founder

Judith LeBlanc

Board Member

Jacqui Patterson

Board Member

Venita Ray

Board Member

Anasa Troutman

Board Chair

Our Senior Leadership

Victoria Martinez

Chief of Staff

Carla Dartis

Executive Director

Mohini Tadikonda

Chief Advancement Officer

Aileen Umali-Hermosa

Co-Chief Financial Officer

Our Staff

Lidia Alvarez

Communication Manager

Yvette Atlas

People Operations Specialist

Frank Gargione

Communications Director

Kristy Haber

Grants and Contract Senior Coordinator

Sophie Hou

Innovation and Design Lead

Marie-Louise Joseph

Compliance Manager

Ginger Mills

Administrative Operations Manager

Daniel Parada

MIIC Operations Manager

Jamillah Renard

MIIC Project Advisor

Noble Accounting, LLC

Financial and Accounting Services