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Language Matters: MSC Unveils Updated Glossary and Terms

A Collaborative Refresh Informed by Community Feedback — Explore the Guide

Addressing and Accepting Conflict for Stronger Movements

MSC on Essential Mindset Shifts for Stronger MovementsWhat do you think of when you hear the word conflict? Maybe it’s that tense moment in a scary movie — spooky music and squeaking doors. Maybe it’s on the news — clashing heads of state and political unrest. Or, maybe it’s the shocking twist in that prestige drama you’re watching. Conflict is everywhere —…

Building Bridges Beyond Banned Books

Movement Strategy Center Dives into Consciousness-Raising Reads

Announcing Our Website’s New Landing Page: Why MSC?

Over a Year in the Making, Our New Landing Page is Also Our New DEI Page

Ten More Years of Healing

Healing Clinic Collective Shares Their Vision for the Next Decade of HealingThe communal spirit soared high at Humanist Hall on October 14, 2023, celebrating the decade-long journey of the Healing Clinic Collective (HCC). Dozens of folks came out to partake in the music, love, and laughter that — along with incense of copal and tobacco — infused the air at a…

Twenty three people wearing blue shirts smile for a group photo in three separate rows. A wall full of framed posters and activist art is behind them.

MSC’s First All Staff Retreat Builds Culture and Relationships

Movement Strategy Center’s Staff Convened in MSC’s Oakland Office for Norm-Setting, Culture-Building, and CommunityTwenty three people wearing blue shirts smile for a group photo in…</p srcset=

BBQs, Barbers, & Beyond: After Incarceration’s Impact in Albany

Charting the Journey from Personal Transformation to Community SolidarityNavigating the path back into society after incarceration is a daunting task, made more challenging when coupled with the hardships of homelessness. Both reentry and homelessness, although different experiences, can lead to feelings of being undervalued or overlooked. This shared struggle…

Building Power Through Connection

A Convergence of Community, Collaboration, and Commitment Towards a Sustainable Future with When Black + Brown Go Green (WBBGG)Since its inception in 2018 in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles, CA, where access to green spaces is not a given, When Black + Brown Go Green (WBBGG) has emerged as an intergenerational beacon for climate action and regenerative…

HCC’s Decade of
Cultivating Healing

Movement Strategy Center Celebrates Ten Years of Healing Clinic CollectiveCelebrating a decade of unwavering commitment to community health and healing, the Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) marks its tenth anniversary with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Since its inception, HCC has been a beacon of hope and support for communities, offering accessible…