HCC’s Decade of
Cultivating Healing

Movement Strategy Center Celebrates Ten Years of Healing Clinic CollectiveCelebrating a decade of unwavering commitment to community health and healing, the Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) marks its tenth anniversary with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Since its inception, HCC has been a beacon of hope and support for communities, offering accessible…

Growing Hope: Cultivating a Resilient Future in
Sandbranch, Texas

Movement Strategy Center Shares the Sandbranch Revitalization Fund’s ProgressSandbranch’s relationship with water paints a poignant narrative of resilience. The absence of safe, clean water reverberates throughout the entire fabric of the community, touching upon every aspect of life — people, productivity, and the natural world alike. Yet, amid these…

365 Days After Ferguson: Vision More Than Ever

More Than Ever We Need to Come Together to Realize Transformative Change by Aisha Shillingford