Location: Oakland, CA
Region: United States
Founding: 2021
Founders/leadership: Leila McCabe, executive director

The Beloved Communities Network (BCN) is a continuation of the years of work and wisdom that went into building the Transitions Initiative. As we continue on this journey of transitioning to a world of love, interdependence, and resilience, the Beloved Communities Network will build from the foundation that has been laid, while also strengthening, reinforcing, and designing new ways to leap into the world we imagine. 

Beloved Community is not ours in conception. The concept is rooted in the legacy of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Grace Lee Boggs, and others, and is carried forward through many people investing in the idea that we can live in a world of economic and social justice. With the imagination we bring to this work, we envision a holistic approach that includes leading with bold vision and values, embodied practice, radical connection, and strategic navigation.

We know that now is a time of great transition and change. Around the globe 
we see unprecedented climate disruption and upheaval across economic, political, and cultural systems. We are all facing uncertainty and seeking paths to a future we can believe in. In this time we also feel a calling, an invitation, a possibility, beyond what we can presently see.

We have the capacity to answer this call. We have the capacity to bring forth a future that is kicking to be born. We have the capacity to be that future, to be the power and strength of our vision, our purpose, and our relationships. 

Our communities are calling on us to recognize our undeniable interdependence and make a courageous commitment to love. Our mutual future depends on generating new solutions that reflect this recognition and commitment.  

This is the calling of the Beloved Communities Network.

Leila McCabe

BCN Executive Director, Leila has over ten years of experience in community and campus organizing and electoral facilitation and is dedicated to fostering collaboration across diverse coalitions. She has worked with various nonprofits including Working Partnerships USA, was involved in a student-initiated minimum wage campaign that helped kickstart the national minimum wage movement, and, in 2012, led a group of canvassers that registered 14,000 voters in Santa Clara County. Leila joined MSC in March 2019 and has a Bachelor’s from San Jose State University. She is working on a Master’s from Mills College and lives in Oakland with her partner, young son, and their two cats. She trains capoeira and is part of the In Lak’ech dance academy.