What if agriculture was safe, equitable, and regenerative, and the methods used to cultivate our lands were inspired by our ancestors and not determined by corporations? These organizations support justice for laborers and growers, fair distribution and consumption of crops, and shared responsibility for preserving land sovereignty and resources for future generations.

Democracy at Home

Democracy at Home is a youth led non-profit building coalitions to pass legislation written by young people

A red barn with a sign reading

EARTHseed Farm by Sankofa Project

EARTHseed Farm is a 14-acre solar-powered organic farm and orchard located on the ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok…

A large group of people part of the HEAL Food Alliance

HEAL Food Alliance

The Health, Environment, Agriculture and Labor Food Alliance (HEAL) is a national multi-sector, multi-racial coalition…

A large group photo of People's Climate Innovation Center

People’s Climate Innovation Center

People’s Climate Innovation Center (PCIC) (formally Climate Innovation) has been a powerhouse supporting vibrant…

A group of seven children and four adults sure around a folding table eating snacks and socializing at Saginaw Just Transition Indaba

Saginaw Just Transition Indaba

In the middle of Saginaw, MI sits a 54-acre fairground that was once the home of the biggest fair in the region from…

Seven people stand for a picture in front of a wall of windows with large graphics on it depicting a city

When Black + Brown Go Green

When Black + Brown Go Green (WBBGG) is an intergenerational movement organization for climate action and regenerative…