Location: Saginaw, MI
Founding: 2015
Founders/leadership: Hurley Coleman III; John Pugh; Pamela Pugh; Teresa Stitt, co-directors  

In the middle of Saginaw, MI sits a 54-acre fairground that was once the home of the biggest fair in the region from the 1930 to the 1960s. By 2000, the abandoned fairground had grown into a wasteland in the middle of the community. Fed up residents took matters into their own hands, and in 2015 the Saginaw Just Transition Indaba was founded. Comprised of six faith-based and community organizations, the Indaba came together to combat poverty by mobilizing and utilizing resources, both public and private, to provide employment opportunities and motivate productivity for better living, learning, and working conditions for the people of Saginaw.  

With supporting partners throughout the city, the Indaba is set to reduce food and energy insecurity through the eventual development of the old fairground acreage into a park and recreation center, urban farm, and a community center that provides educational, cultural, social, and recreation opportunities to the community.