Root. Rise. Pollinate!

Root. Rise. Pollinate! envisions a peaceful, thriving, and interdependent world where our individual and collective life force is nurtured and regenerated through mind-body-spirit practice by and for…

New Moon Collaborations

New Moon Collaborations is a home for innovation that centers the spirit, strength, vision, and creativity of Black and Indigenous people and communities of color.

The President’s Youth Council

The President’s Youth Council (PYC) is a body of youth ambassadors from across California that serves in partnership with the CEO of The California Endowment to ultimately shape The Endowment’s…

Intelligent Mischief

Intelligent Mischief is a creative studio and design lab whose purpose is to unleash Black imagination to shape a future based on liberation, resilience, regeneration, and interdependence.

Climate Innovation

Climate Innovation (formerly Community Climate Solutions) has been a powerhouse supporting vibrant movements across the country using a community-driven approach to lift up grassroots communities as…