Location: Bay Area, CA
Region: California
Founding: 2010
Founders/leadership: Amate Perez, founder; Janvieve Williams Comrie, co-founding trainer; Heidi Lopez, project director


The Latinx Racial Equity Project (LREP) exists to train and empower Latinos to lead from a framework of decolonization and racial equity. Through an equity driven framework, LREP trains leaders to create healthier work and movement environments and build more equitable organizations and systems that reduce inequitable outcomes for everyone.

In large parts of the Latinx community, aspiring to whiteness is the norm. To challenge this, founder Ana Perez created the LREP as a space to understand how colonization has impacted communities of the global majority and the challenges they face. LREP also works to build on the resiliency and cultural strengths that have kept Latinos alive to dream up a future free from oppression. Perez is a decolonizing Indigenous and queer Latinx, a parent, and a writer who has worked in the race and equity field for over 20 years. Her expertise includes racial equity training and coaching, transformational organizational change, leadership development, and building collaborations rooted in community empowerment frameworks. Perez is also a National WKKF Racial Equity and Healing Fellow.

Janvieve Williams Comrie, the co-founding trainer, is a human rights strategist, trainer, and organizer with a deep commitment to building powerful social movements for racial justice and human rights. She is internationally recognized for her work with NGOs, grassroots organizations, and the UN. Comrie serves social movements as a facilitator, communications consultant, and strategic planning consultant.

In 2021 LREP joined forces with a collective of organizations — including CARECEN SF, Chicana/Latina Foundation, Galería de la Raza, and Instituto Familiar de la Raza — for the Caravan of Children campaign denouncing the recent reopening of detention facilities. The work uplifted the voices of the children and asked the Biden Administration to #UncageReUnifyHeal. The campaign called on communities to contact members of the Family Reunification Task Force to prioritize and expedite the process to #UncageReunifyHeal the children in ICE detention.

LREP’s goal is to nurture a growing Latino community that embraces deeply held multiracial, multicultural, and equity values to counter, and hopefully change, the possibility of a majority Latino population that continues to replicate inequity at all levels in America. When more Latino leaders understand the racial diversity and oppression dynamics of the Latino community, they can challenge those dynamics. Doing so creates healthier work and movement environments that build more equitable organizations and systems and reduce inequitable outcomes for everyone.