What if natural ecosystems and humanity — culture, agriculture, and industry — were integrated, thriving, and regenerative? These organizations support preservation, preparedness, and long-term resilience in the face of impending climate chaos and the multiplying effect it will have on social and economic inequities.

A collection of art from Art in Resistance

Art in Resistance (Past Project)

The Art In Resistance Fellowship was established by artists and changemakers to simultaneously support artists and…

A black woman with red hair with Bay Rising holding a megaphone

Bay Rising (Past Project)

Bay Rising (BR) is a growing alliance between community-led organizations across the Bay Area. Their vision is of a…

Graffiti on a wall spelling out BREATHE


Breathe understands that comprehensive, accelerated change requires the pressure of a mass movement with historically…

A large group of people holding signs with letters that spell out CLIMATE JUSTICE

Climate Justice Alliance (Past Project)

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is rooted in the cultural wisdom of Indigenous, African American, Latino,…

Democracy at Home

Democracy at Home is a youth led non-profit building coalitions to pass legislation written by young people

A group of people working together in office chairs at Facilitating Power

Facilitating Power

Facilitating Power works to create a thriving culture of participation in which communities work together to solve…

A large group of people part of the HEAL Food Alliance

HEAL Food Alliance

The Health, Environment, Agriculture and Labor Food Alliance (HEAL) is a national multi-sector, multi-racial coalition…

A rack of bananas, half yellow and half green, with a sign above them that reads 'HOME?' for Intelligent Mischief

Intelligent Mischief

Intelligent Mischief is a creative studio and design lab whose purpose is to unleash Black imagination to shape a…

A small farm with the afternoon sun shining in the blue sky. The silhouette of a person tending to the garden can be seen.

Justice Funders (Past Project)

Justice Funders first emerged in 2009 as the Bay Area Justice Funders Network, as local funders sought spaces to unite…

A picture from above of a room of people surrounding a table at Movement Generation

Movement Generation (Past Project)

Movement Generation is rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color and…