Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Region: San Gabriel Valley, CA 
Founding: 2018
Founders/leadership: Fe Love, founder;  Chris Lyric, project director

When Black + Brown Go Green (WBBGG) is an Advanced Environmental Justice initiative that forges an intergenerational movement for climate action and regenerative living. WBBGG’s mission is to decarbonize and socio-economically enrich frontline communities through unique education solutions, leading the way toward high functioning stewardship and the cultivation of self sustaining green cities. The organization focuses on supporting the self determination of Black and brown youth, particularly in tree stewardship.

WBBGG’s Greenforce Fellowship Study investigates structural racism’s impact on mobility for BIPOC generations, assessing youth on various competencies and environmental sciences. The aim is to showcase growth through decarbonized living and experimental education. WBBGG evaluates student growth through conceptual solutions and action hypotheses based on environmental data, focusing on curiosity, diligence, and impact analyses. Its near term goal is planting 2,000 trees by 2024 in the San Gabriel Valley, coupled with a scholarship program for tree care and supported by a compassionate green force. This initiative nurtures newly planted trees, which require three years of care to thrive. Its community includes My Tribe Rise, Compassionate Arts, The CA Center for Climate Change Education at West LA College, Side Streets Project, Central Valley Empowerment Alliance, Downtown Crenshaw Coalition, and Umoja at Leimert Park.

WBBGG honors the legacy of its late founder, artist and activist Felecia “Fe Love” Lenee Williams, who envisioned lush green spaces revitalizing BIPOC communities.

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