Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Region: San Gabriel Valley, CA 
Founding: 2018
Founders/leadership: Fe Love, founder;  Chris Lyric, project director

When Black + Brown Go Green (WBBGG) is an intergenerational movement organization for climate action and regenerative living, supporting the self-determination of Black and brown youth around tree stewardship. When Black + Brown Go Green’s near-term goal is to plant 2,000 trees by 2024 in the San Gabriel Valley; as supported by a compassionate green force and scholarship program for youths to care for newly planted trees as they become established. Newly planted trees need three years of care to thrive.

WBBGG was founded by the late, great artist and activist Felecia “Fe Love” Lenee Williams, who worked to educate and encourage BIPOC communities to become leaders in climate and environmental justice. Fe Love imagined lush green spaces that reinvigorate and nourish communities, and WBBGG is carrying the torch by planting trees and building futures for students of color.