Root. Rise. Pollinate!

Location: Oakland, CA
Region: United States
Founding: 2018
Founders: Shawna Wakefield Kristin Zimmerman Rufaro Gwarada

Root. Rise. Pollinate! envisions a peaceful, thriving, and interdependent world where our individual and collective life force is nurtured and regenerated through mind-body-spirit practice by and for all. Their purpose is to catalyze and nurture a transnational community of feminist leaders who can help lead the way towards collective thriving and transformation in their communities. 

Over the last two years, Root. Rise. Pollinate! has supported changemakers through a series of multi-session gatherings called pollinator labs; supported organizations to strengthen organizing and movement cultures through facilitation and coaching; and published blogs, writings, and public conversations to amplify and embrace-embody a new vision and world view.

Root. Rise. Pollinate! is continuing to grow their community of pollinators, creating new and deeper offerings, providing tailored support to pollinators to create local hubs of practice, and developing new resources to support their practice.

Shawna Wakefield

Kristin Zimmerman

Rufaro Gwarada

New Moon Collaborations

Location: Michigan 
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Julie Quiroz

New Moon Collaborations is a home for innovation that centers the spirit, strength, vision, and creativity of Black and Indigenous people and communities of color. New Moon’s purpose is to nurture leaps in culture that transform systems and structures for generations to come, cultivating collaborations to generate strategy grounded in embodied community wisdom and story. 

New Moon recognizes that achieving a future of regeneration, resilience, and love will require a vibrant ecosystem of diverse, interrelated efforts that are:

  • Deeply rooted in place,
  • Nourished by conscious practice of relationships in beloved community,
  • Animated by personally held narrative of past, present, and future that is not defined by white supremacy,
  • And grounded in practical, specific, and audacious community wealth development strategy.

New Moon’s work reflects practices and knowledge across all four elements, with a keen focus on shaping and nurturing purpose-driven narrative. New Moon’s work takes many forms including designing and facilitating powerful cross-sector communities of learning and action, producing strategic community-centered video storytelling, conducting qualitative narrative strategy research, and guiding efforts to communicate verbally and visually with clear purpose and vision.

Systems Change

Social Equity

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