What if transformative movement leaders and organizations had the tools they needed to grow and prosper? Supporting Movement Building is core to the ethos of MSC and all the partners we work with.

The Big We

Beloved Community is not ours in conception. The concept is rooted in the legacy of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Grace Lee Boggs, and others, and is carried forward…

Resonance Network

Resonance Network believes how we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is integral to the change we want to see in the world.

Just Community Energy Transition

The Just Community Energy Transition Project (JCET) catalyzes, convenes, and facilitates community-driven strategies and practices to build transformative alignment towards an anti-racist and…

Bay Rising

Bay Rising (BR) is a growing alliance between community-led organizations across the Bay Area. Their vision is of a healthier, more equitable society centered on grassroots organizing and social…

HEAL Food Alliance

The Health, Environment, Agriculture and Labor Food Alliance (HEAL) is a national multi-sector, multi-racial coalition of 55 organizations led by members who represent over two million rural and…


Shelectricity is a girls' empowerment ecosystem with Black, Brown, Indigenous, AAPI, and Latinx girls at its center. It is designed to scale over time to reach all girls all over this country, who…

Climate Justice Alliance

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is rooted in the cultural wisdom of Indigenous, African American, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and working-class white communities throughout the United States.

Latinx Racial Equity Project

The Latinx Racial Equity Project (LREP) exists to train and empower Latinos to lead from a framework of decolonization and racial equity.

Justice Funders

Justice Funders first emerged in 2009 as the Bay Area Justice Funders Network, as local funders sought spaces to unite the philanthropic community and front-line leaders following the murder of Oscar…

Intelligent Mischief

Intelligent Mischief is a creative studio and design lab whose purpose is to unleash Black imagination to shape a future based on liberation, resilience, regeneration, and interdependence.