Ubuntu Power Project

Location: Bowie, MD
Region: National
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Adrienne Hollis

Ubuntu Power Project stands as a testament to inclusive and equitable decision making in the realm of environmental justice. Historically marginalized communities, especially those in economically challenged and historically Black areas, have often been excluded from crucial discussions affecting their lives. Ubuntu Power Project seeks to change this narrative by ensuring these communities are not just participants, but key decisionmakers in the process.

Central to the project’s ethos is the principle of self-determination. Community leaders and members are recognized as equal stakeholders, ensuring their voices are not only heard but are central to all actions and decisions. This ongoing involvement varies according to community needs, and welcomes collaboration with a range of stakeholders including local, state, and federal government entities, and small businesses.

Focused on supporting Black-led organizing in disenfranchised Freedman’s Settlements and other similar communities, Ubuntu Power Project is committed to aiding these areas in becoming resilient against the threats of climate change and other environmental injustices. By working hand-in-hand with these communities, the project aspires to foster enduring strength and self sufficiency.