Location: Gulf Coast, TX
Region: Texas
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Charles Clark III, executive director

Trill Digital is an innovative digital project that has rapidly expanded its presence in the digital art space. With a strong focus on increasing media literacy, Trill Digital utilizes various media, such as podcasts and exhibitions, to engage the community and educate students through workshops in South Texas.

Trill Digital aims to inspire individuals by integrating arts and techno-culture, while also shedding light on environmental issues that impact the creative process. This raises awareness and promotes sustainable practices.

One notable achievement of Trill Digital is the production of UGK Day, an event that fosters connections and inspires the community to pursue artistic endeavors. This event also draws attention to the need for a city-facilitated cultural arts and tourism program for local artists, musicians, and creatives. Additionally, Trill Digital has the potential to produce events that incorporate music, environmental initiatives, and STEAM goals within school districts. Through these initiatives, Trill Digital provides a supportive system for self-expression, connecting individuals to wraparound public health services, and sharing resources with local historically Black churches.

Trill Digital is dedicated to highlighting local talent and fostering creativity and media literacy in the Port Arthur community, as well as sister galleries along the Gulf Coast. Through art programming and support for local artists and musicians, Trill Digital brings diverse art experiences to rural communities, with an emphasis on showcasing multi-ethnic and multi-disciplinary artists.