Location: Atlanta, GA
Region: Georgia
Founding: 2015
Founders/leadership: Amari Foster, managing director

The TransFormation Alliance (TFA) is a coalition of diverse organizations in the Atlanta region dedicated to creating connected and thriving communities. With a shared goal of linking people and communities around transit, TFA partners with like-minded organizations to ensure that investment in transit communities benefits all residents.

At the heart of their work is a belief that everyone should have access to the opportunities and benefits that transit investment can bring. To achieve this, TFA focuses on addressing the issues of equity and inclusion, particularly for those who have historically been marginalized or underserved. Through its various programs, TFA transforms communities by leveraging collaboration and opportunity. They work tirelessly to ensure that the benefits of transit investments are available to everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location.

TFA’s dedication to creating connected and thriving communities through collaboration and opportunity transforms the Atlanta region. Their work towards equity and inclusion ensures that everyone can access the benefits of transit investments, paving the way toward a more equitable and sustainable future.