Location: Oakland, CA 
Region: California 
Founding: 2021

Thrive is a community, network, and movement building Beloved Community for these times. We gather people at the intersections of meaning, belonging, music, the arts, and social change.

Thrive’s mission is to create a world where all people belong and thrive and where beloved community has been realized: love and justice have prevailed; people from all walks of life are valued, respected, and treated with dignity; and all people feel safe, cared for, and connected. Thrive shares resources openly within their network, peacefully resolves conflict, lives in balance with nature, and embodies lives of meaning, joy and wellbeing.

Thrive started in Oakland, CA six years ago as Thrive East Bay. As their community and reach has expanded, they have grown into the Thrive Network, working locally and translocally to build Beloved Community.

Thrive is guided by four core principles: 1. Thriving Lives supports each member in the network in overcoming personal challenges and injustice and creating healthy lives filled with purpose, joy, and expression. 2. Love In Action guides members toward compassion, gratitude, empathy, and community amongst diverse groups of people. 3. Shared Learning & Practice seeks to deepen the understanding of the world through conversation and critical inquiry while growing together through transformative practices and action. And 4. Systemic Change unites to build equitable systems where all network members can flourish as individuals, as communities, and as a planet.