Location: Hudson, NY
Region: New York
Founding: 2021 
Founders/leadership: Tenzin Seldon, project director

The Plant.org is an ecosystem where leading climate innovators, artists, scientists, nonprofit leaders, and companies across industries can nurture and co-create lasting solutions for the climate crisis while incubating new ideas, accelerating new initiatives, and addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. 

Housed in two historic properties and centrally located, the Plant.org will create a unique architectural fusion of meticulous historical preservation and 21st century cutting edge sustainable design where the most innovative minds will come together under one roof. It will be a model project for historic adaptive reuse with an integrated regenerative systems approach.

An abandoned coal-burning power plant built in 1907 will be transformed from a symbol of the industrial revolution and contemporary environmental problems to a monument of collaboration and innovation supporting an abundant, regenerative future that will fuel a clean economy and power a more humane, equitable, just future through development, community, innovation, art, education, and jobs. With the goal to be the hub of where climate innovations happen on the east coast, the Plant.org will provide offices, micro-kitchens, meeting lounges, a double-height gathering space, an event space all hosting exhibitions, conferences, and performances.