Location: Oakland, CA
Region: United States
Founding: 2018
Founders/leadership: Anasa Troutman, director

The BIG We is an innovative, high impact pop-culture media company revolutionizing how inspiration is consumed. Their comprehensive creative ecosystem inspires, engages, educates, resources, and empowers individuals to transform the world — by activating people’s connection to humanity and their contribution to a life overflowing with joy, abundance, imagination, and love for everyone.

The BIG We ecosystem consists of three core areas: Content, through which a network of artists and influencers identify and present stories which shape culture and transform generations through music, film, theater, literature, public art, and digital content. Community, “the WeVerse,” where people can pursue space to connect unapologetically. And Capital, engaging in restorative economics by investing ambitiously through The BIG We Foundation to generate sustainable impact and put more and different people in power.