Location: Oakland, CA
Region: National
Founding: 2017
Founders/leadership: Alexis Flanagan, co-director; Doris Dupuy, co-director


Resonance Network believes how we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is integral to the change we want to see in the world. Through transparency, shared leadership, and a culture that values healing and developing new ideas and approaches to transform, Resonance Network connects people who are imagining and building a world rooted in deep relationship, vibrant community, and connection to our planet. 

When violence keeps us disconnected from our humanity and each other, Resonance Network participants come together because they see the widespread hunger for — and possibility of — something different. Resonance Network participants work together to uproot violence that particularly affects women, girls, and gender-oppressed people. They work together to center people who most experience the impacts of historical and current systems of oppression; creating conditions for communities to be thriving, just, and compassionate through practices that foster deep connection and relationship building. 

MSC works in collaboration with Resonance Network’s Oversight Circle on traditional governance tasks and roles with a board of directors. With significant input from other network members, the Catalyst Circle uses network principles of co-design, advice, and consent to make decisions about infrastructure and strategy for the network. Through power-sharing and collective decision-making, it makes room for a governance system that centers compassion, deep relationship, and collective thriving. 

Since its inception in 2017, Resonance Network took root with the first cohort of movement leaders to take part in Move to End Violence, a ten year program of the NoVo Foundation. Resonance Network has supported 37 experimental projects through the Innovation Lab, hosted a series of leader convening and facilitated state-based dialogue, capacity-building, and strategy support with coalitions in the broader movement to end violence against women and girls. 

One example of Resonance Network participants coming together to envision a world beyond the dominant power structures was Workshopping the Worldview, which called on participants to channel their creativity and ancestral wisdom to envision together what a reimagined world — a world beyond violence, the world we all deserve to live in — could look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, and who we would need to be to bring it into being. Now, Resonance Network is creating a new online platform for network participants to connect and work with each other.