Location: Oakland, CA
Founding: 2014
Founders/leadership: Jess Clarke, project director & editor

Reimagine! (formerly RP&E) is the national journal of environmental and social justice, serving as an essential tool for building the movements for justice through reporting, analysis, and research. Incubated at MSC in 2014, the organization creates long-form, slow-media productions including in-depth reporting and immersive journalism. Highlighted works include two interviews conducted in collaboration with the California Environmental Justice Alliance on Central and Inland Valley residents choking on the pollution generated by Amazon’s ever-expanding warehouse operations; stories and interviews from the powerful women of Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA); and multiple contributions from Kelly Curry, a fiercely independent food justice organizer from Oakland. Reimagine welcomes participation from writers and organizers committed to using a race, class, and gender analysis in their work. 

The Reimagine! Workers network provides production services and infrastructure capacity for community-based organizations creating movement media. Radio Reimagine hosts podcasts from Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E), NOOL — Weaving the Threads, and other allied producers. And, Reimagine!’s cataloged research papers cover topics like climate change, environmental justice, economic equality, and more.