Location: Bay Area
Region: National
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Yashna Maya Padamsee, Project Lead; advisory council: Tara Shaui Ellison; Chanda Jones; Felicia Martinez; Mae Singerman; Mijo Lee

The RadOps project started as a social media group in 2016 and has developed into a toolkit with accompanying education, workshops, and conversations designed to empower those whose administrative work is typically marginalized or undervalued. RadOps represents a coalition of queer, women of color, and parents — all are fulltime workers in nonprofits who identified a need for resources and idea sharing amongst likeminded colleagues at movement organizations. Together they founded a social media group: RadOps.
In many organizations, administrative work — which is historically a woman’s work — is devalued. RadOps sees the labor of operations, finance, and HR teams as an integral part of the greater work. This value: respecting the historic work of women, acknowledging invisible labor, and honoring the dignity of all labor is put into action at each organization by valuing the cumulative work of the full team.
Yashna Maya Padamsee, project lead, is a first-generation South Asian queer femme immigrant raised in and by the American South. She has spent over 15 years supporting social movements by creating innovative infrastructure and sharing liberatory healing practices.