Location: New York
Region: United States
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Christina Hollenback

Justice Capital, incubated under Full Spectrum Labs — a network partner of the Movement Strategy Center — since January 2020, epitomizes collaboration and innovation in the realm of social and environmental impact. This partnership extends to pivotal projects within the Healthy, Equitable, Resilient Communities (HERC) Accelerator, showcasing a shared commitment to transformative change.

At its core, Justice Capital connects investors, foundations, public sector allies, and community-led solutions to catalyze significant advancements while fostering shared economic prosperity. Employing a unique advisory model, an ecosystem-centric investment strategy, and strategic capital deployment, Justice Capital ensures that projects not only achieve outsized impacts and community wealth building but also offer risk-adjusted returns for investors.

The Scaling Justice platform, an initiative of Justice Capital, serves as a dynamic convening and learning space. It brings together investors to explore and apply integrated capital structures for the sustainable financing of community-owned solutions. Furthermore, Justice Capital’s Local Ecosystem Accelerator, active in locations such as Standing Rock, ND, and Memphis, TN, along with the Impact Studio in Fresno, CA, and Buffalo and Syracuse, NY, spearheads the growth of community-led projects. These initiatives focus on critical areas such as divestment from incarceration, community-driven climate and reparative infrastructure projects, and Black-owned economic development, underscoring Justice Capital’s holistic approach to creating enduring, equitable change.