What if movement leaders — and all people — were able to listen to their bodies, embrace spirituality, and refill their metaphorical cup in safe and productive ways before getting back to work? These organizations support a way of being through safe spaces and regular practices grounded in the shared purpose and theory of transformative change.

A photo of a Black boy faded on top of an artistic representation of a green and purple mountain for Wakanda Dream Labs

Wakanda Dream Lab

Wakanda Dream Lab is a collective fan-driven project that bridges the worlds of Black fandom and #Blacktivism for Black…

Weyam Ghadbian standing in a field with their hand over their chest and their other over their stomach. The frame is illuminated with warm sun

Weyam Healing & Conflict Transformation

Weyham Healing & Conflict Transformation offers skill-building training series for organizations and groups utilizing…

A collection of art from Art in Resistance

Art in Resistance (Past Project)

The Art In Resistance Fellowship was established by artists and changemakers to simultaneously support artists and…