Location: Oakland, CA
Region: Bay Area
Founding: 2015
Founder/Leadership:  Kimi Lee


Bay Rising (BR) is a growing alliance between community-led organizations across the Bay Area. Their vision is of a healthier, more equitable society centered on grassroots organizing and social movements led by those most impacted — working-class people of color. Along with three local alliances that anchor Bay Rising — Oakland Rising, San Francisco Rising, and Silicon Valley Rising — and working in response to the mounting inequity and displacement occurring in the Bay Area, these organizations build political power that advances genuinely progressive policy solutions supporting healthy, equitable, and inclusive communities for all. 

Collectively, BR represents tens of thousands of grassroots leaders of color. As BR grows beyond the core counties of Alameda, San Francisco, and Santa Clara, they are supporting emerging and existing base-building groups that represent communities of color and working class people through a network of alignment and mutual support throughout the nine Bay Area counties.