Location: Brooklyn, NY
Region: United States
Founding: 2021
Founders/leadership: Marina Lopez; Sruti Suryanarayanan; Caroline Woolard; Nati Linares; Ebony Gustave; Robin Bean Crane, co-organizers

Art.coop is a central hub, providing artists with financial resources, innovative ideas, and practical tools to strengthen their communities. Art.coop is reshaping the future of art, placing community governance at its core. It provides a haven for artists seeking alternatives to the traditional system, promoting the formation of networks based on solidarity within the arts sector. The critical role of culture in redistributing power and wealth is widely recognized, with artists building meaningful connections and holding each other accountable. Arts and social justice funders appreciate the importance of integrating equitable practices into cultural work, making Art.Coop a key collaborator in these efforts.

The art world, which reflects broader economic inequalities, often marginalizes artists from poor, working-class, queer, disabled, trans, and BIPOC backgrounds through exploitative practices. Art.Coop advocates for building solidarity networks as a crucial step towards change.

Dedicated to fostering a community of artists committed to redefining the art world, Art.coop is at the forefront of an artist-led movement for change, with a vision of collective liberation. A key achievement was the seven week Study-into-Action program, which engaged 105 cultural innovators and seven facilitators, incorporating feedback from a broad spectrum of contributors. This feedback was vital in shaping Art.coop’s strategic direction.

The Move the Money initiative underscores Art.Coop’s commitment to the solidarity economy, providing resources and events for grantmakers focused on economic justice in the arts. A highlight of this commitment is the launch of a pilot podcast season exploring the Solidarity Economy through the perspectives of artists and cultural workers actively contributing to it in their communities. This podcast offers a platform for sharing insights and inspiring collective action