Location: United States
Region: United States
Founding: 2023
Founders/leadership: Meg Massey; Kevin McClendon; Ben Wrobel, co-founders

Proximate is an innovative online platform dedicated to exploring collaborative solutions to pressing societal issues. With a focus on solutions journalism, Proximate highlights emerging participatory models that empower individuals with firsthand experience of the challenges being addressed.

Originating from the creators of the acclaimed book Letting Go, Proximate delves into the evolving dynamics of collaboration within various sectors, including philanthropy, finance, policymaking, academia, and the arts. The platform’s core mission is to harness the power of insightful, solution-oriented journalism to spotlight and critically examine models and practices of participatory problem solving. This approach aims to motivate leaders across diverse fields to integrate participatory principles into governance structures.

Proximate envisions a future where systems are intricately crafted to engage those directly impacted by significant community challenges, ranging from climate change to economic disparity. This vision champions a world where the voices of individuals with lived experiences are pivotal in shaping responses to the most pressing issues of their communities.