Location: Bowie, MD
Region: National, Mid-Atlantic focus
Founding: 2022
Founders/leadership: Tenesha Duncan

Orchid Capital Collective (OCC) is dedicated to supporting ventures led and owned by Black and Indigenous communities, with a specific focus on community driven birth and reproductive care. Their core mission revolves around achieving reproductive and economic justice by strategically allocating integrated capital to uplift Black, Indigenous, queer and trans, and people of color-owned ventures. These businesses serve as vital pillars in community development, offering transformative birth and reproductive care solutions.

OCC’s investment strategy encompasses several key areas of impact. They prioritize the creation of financial and physical structures that enhance community wellbeing and prosperity. They actively advocate for and support the growth of midwifery-centered community care as a fundamental aspect of holistic healthcare. And, they strongly emphasize nurturing community leadership capacity, ensuring organizational and financial resilience for sustained, community driven impact.

Guided by a Beloved Economy framework, OCC’s values are deeply rooted in their approach to scaling this ecosystem. This framework is instrumental in keeping communities at the forefront, emphasizing their humanity and wellbeing as the cornerstone of OCC’s vision. Their work is driven by a commitment to fostering a more just and inclusive world where reproductive care serves as a beacon of equity, allowing communities to thrive.