Location: Indianapolis, IN
Region:Indiana and the Black Diaspora
Founding: 2023
Founders/leadership: Denise Abdul-Rahman

Black Sun Light Sustainability (BSLS) is at the forefront of transformative change, connecting communities through a mission that resonates both domestically and abroad. With a focus on equitable energy expertise, training, job creation, and clean energy development, BSLS is driving progress in a culturally competent manner.

With a strong commitment to fostering a diverse and equitable transition, BSLS is dedicated to creating positive impacts both locally and globally. At the core of the BSLS mission is a focus on equitable energy expertise, workforce development, and clean energy innovation.

BSLS’s multifaceted approach includes facilitation services, consultancy (spanning policy, DEI, energy, climate, and global affairs), impactful clean energy demonstration projects, and educational webinars. The team’s diverse expertise, ranging from management to healthcare and informatics, equips them to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions. They are committed to reducing harmful emissions, advancing energy efficiency, and enhancing community resilience.