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What is TMB

WEBINAR #1: What is Transformative Movement Building?

How do movements transform our systems and structures, and who we are?

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Webinar #1 Practice Guide: Movement Inquiry Questions


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Love in a Time of Hate

What does it mean to deeply love, protect and care for those closest to you? Those who stand to lose so much in the face of bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism? What are we willing to do to actively demonstrate our love and solidarity with those who are most vulnerable in these trying times? What does it mean to love someone in a way in which you understand that your wellbeing is inextricably tied to someone else’s safety and dignity?


What To Do? 3 Strategy Questions Matter

Right now, many of us are questioning the value of particular actions and tactics, asking whether or not they will be effective. We are missing the urgent strategic imperative of this moment. Any action is valuable that challenges the legitimacy of the post-election claim to power.  Any action is crucial that asserts that power and authority rest in […]

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