Traditional DAFs leave it to you to figure out how to use capital for transformative change.

MSC and our capital partners have years of activism and social transformation experience, perspective, and insight, and apply a racial justice and equity lens to the operation and management of our DAFs, ensuring distributions are equitable, community-centered, and address systemic barriers that have historically impacted access to philanthropy.

Traditional DAFs lack access to the community leaders who are closest to problems and solutions.

Funders and impact investors interested in democratizing capital stewardship through participatory and trust based philanthropy, lending, and investment can also establish CAFs (Community Advised Funds) through community and social change leaders, shifting control of capital and assets to those communities who know best how to direct the flow of resources into solutions for their communities.

Traditional DAFs don’t drive change and should deploy money more quickly.

We encourage DAF donors to advise distributions in a way that rapidly moves funds out to organizations and movements that address societal inequities, rather than sitting on MSC’s books. To facilitate such movement of funds, MSC applies a 25% minimum annual distribution requirement to all DAFs, and encourages donors to advise annual distributions beyond the applicable minimum.

Traditional DAF fees often fund financial organizations and that feels misaligned.

At MSC, your DAF fees amplify our transformative work as a trusted, BIPOC-led, community-accountable steward of the progressive movement ecosystem. Fees are fully aligned with the change you are hoping to catalyze, and will resource innovation that allow us to offer more unique services to our partners.

Traditional DAFs can feel transactional and unfulfilling.

The MSC DAF offers onramps into “right relationship” and Beloved Community with movement leaders, ecosystem stewards, other capital stewards, and communities with programming for DAF donors that shed light on equitable grantmaking strategies and to provide updates to donors from MSC grantees.


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Existing donors can visit MSC’s Donor Advised Fund portal.