February 2, 2012

Mimi Ho Mimi has over two decades of organizing and consulting experience — from building local organizing institutions to statewide and national policy campaigns — with a special focus on organizing low-income communities of color. She is passionate about how the internal shifts of individuals and organizations unleash big external impact. Mimi is excited to see the amazing innovations that are happening in movements and the experimentation emerging in new organizing and movement building approaches, and to explore how social movements can develop a compassionate, effective and expansive culture to make the social change needed in the world.

At Movement Strategy Center, Mimi has supported the alliance building work of core partners including the Climate Justice Alliance, the HEAL (Health Environment, Agriculture Labor) Food Alliance, and the United Workers Congress. As part of MSC’s Leadership Team, Mimi helped launch the Transitions Initiative, MSC’s multi-movement initiative to bring movement leaders and emerging leaders together to build multi-systems social change, grounded in relationships and personal transformation.

Mimi has served as a trainer and consultant with racial justice and immigrant rights groups on community and electoral organizing strategy, grassroots leadership development, organizational development, and fundraising. Her clients have included Western States Center and the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco. She also ran Mobilize the Immigrant Vote’s pilot training program and co-authored The Accidental Fundraiser, a book on grassroots fundraising, with Stephanie Roth.

Mimi was the statewide field director and co-director of Californians for Justice (CFJ) during electoral fights against several racist ballot initiatives in the 1990s — attacks on affirmative action, bilingual education, youth, labor, and gay marriage. During the No on 209 (anti-affirmative action) campaign Mimi oversaw field work in 13 field offices and 1,350 precincts across California. She led CFJ in introducing public jobs legislation in the California legislature. Mimi was a coordinator for national health care campaign work at the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations (now the Alliance for a Just Society and People’s Action), and provided organizing, legislative and communications training, campaign strategy consultation, and in-the-field capacity building for statewide affiliates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Mimi later worked with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) where she directed campaigns to build green, affordable housing in Oakland, to organize electronic workers in China, and to keep Chevron from expanding to dirtier crude in Richmond, CA. She helped grow APEN’s cutting edge Asian Pacific American electoral operation and supported APEN’s shift into statewide climate policy and organizing work.

Mimi grew up in the U.S. and Taiwan, and deeply appreciates being grounded and connected across communities. She also thoroughly enjoys the fun and challenges of raising her two young daughters, Olive and Juniper!

Photo: Xiomara Castro

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