MSC’s work is grounded in the transformative practice of 60/40 Stance, a mind-body approach for movements and leaders to transform and create powerful change. The practice of 60/40 Stance, developed by MSC mentor and Institute of Zen Studies teacher Norma Wong, is a path to explore individual and collective purpose and how unconscious habits limit our capacity as movement builders and as movements.

Grounded in this practice Movement Strategy Center explores big yet simple questions echoing across social justice movements: What is the change we most need and want in the world? Who do we need to be to make that change? And how do we get there, all of us, together?

What is Transformative Practice?
What is Transformative Strategy?
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MSC understands that another world is coming to life right now, in the practice of communities bonded in purpose and deep relationship. MSC is generating powerful movements from the inside out.

– Arif Mamdani, Kaleo Center for Faith, Justice, and Social Transformation
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