Vision Through COVID: Portals to the Future

Written by Julie Quiroz

May 26, 2020

In the face of death, suffering, and brutally amplified racism, communities of color are caring for each other and leading the world with powerful love, strength, and vision.

In this moment, Movement Strategy Center is humbled to offer Vision Through COVID: Portals to the Future, a series of stories illustrating the ways that Black, Indigenous, and people of color are practicing embodied wisdom, gathering in community, and co-creating responses to this pandemic moment that reimagine the future.

Today we are proud to present “Birthing the Future”, the first of these stories. “Birthing the Future” offers a glimpse of the new Birth Center Equity Fund, a network of people of color-led community birthing centers that was born in urgent response to this pandemic with a vision of liberatory community birthing for generations to come.

MSC hopes that Vision Through COVID will generate strength and joy in our communities, shine a light on long-arc and multigenerational vision, and help to grow resources for community-led innovation that matters both now and for our future well beyond the pandemic.

We invite you to watch and share “Birthing the Future” and the other powerful stories MSC will share in the coming weeks to directly support innovations such as the Birth Center Equity Fund.

Julie Quiroz

Julie Quiroz brings leadership experience across community-based organizations, intermediaries, and philanthropy co-creating strategy, experiences, and narratives to align and lead MSC narrative strategy and strategic communications. Julie is passionate about nurturing collective creativity to reimagine, reclaim, and recreate a lasting world for generations to come. As MSC’s Director of Narrative & Communications Julie works across MSC programs and platforms to co-create a powerful narrative of courageous responsibility and strategic direction. I

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