The MSC team approaches collaboration in a way that allows for the generosity and abundance within all of us to emerge. The MSC team helps me feel safe and welcomed to be fully present in myself and with others. I appreciate the commitment of MSC team to immerse themselves in the risk of the unknown, in the vulnerability of their own journeys.

– Tannia Esparza
Young Women United

MSC’s brand of leadership will move our nation towards positive social change for decades to come.

– Robert K. Ross, M.D.
The California Endowment, President and CEO

Executive Director

Chief of Staff

Deputy Director of Innovation

Deputy Director of Strategy

Deputy Director of Operations

Director of Climate Innovation

Director of Transitions Incubator

Director of Program Operations

Program Manager

Climate Innovation Program Manager

Network Weaver

Learning & Data Systems Manager

Transitions Initiative Program Assistant

Senior Fellow: Deep Democracy

Senior Fellow: Community-Driven Planning & Nature-Based Practices

Senior Fellow: Cultural Strategy

Director of Fiscal Sponsorship

Innovation Center Project Manager

Innovation Center Project Manager

Innovation Center Coordinator

Director of Special Projects

Manager of People and Culture

Senior Director of Advancement

Investment Partnership Coordinator

Senior Director of People Operations

People Operations Manager

People Operations Generalist

People Operations Coordinator

Accounting Manager

Grants & Contracts Manager

Donor Relations & Finance Coordinator

Administrative Operations Manager

Office Assistant

Executive Director

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

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