Location: Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Memphis, TN
Region: United States
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Anasa Troutman, founder   


Shelectricity is a girls’ empowerment ecosystem with Black, Brown, Indigenous, AAPI, and Latinx girls at its center. It is designed to scale over time to reach all girls all over this country, who need safe and nurturing online and in-person experiences, relationships, and support to learn, grow, innovate and lead. Shelectricity’s girls engage in creativity and personal development, STEAM-based learning, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and network building. Their unique, integrated online/offline service model combines a social media app’s broad reach and youth orientation with the intimacy and safety of adult-curated, place-based programming. 

For youth and led by youth, the Shelectricity Youth Leadership Council (YLC) program brings together technology, culture, and community to nurture members’ leadership, growth, and innovation through interactive tools and experiences. 

Founded in 2020 by cultural strategist, producer, and entrepreneur Anasa Troutman, Shelectricty was created to meet the moment and support youth through the uncharted territory of the global pandemic. Shelectricity’s digital infrastructure, which brings girls and genderqueer youth together to learn and grow, provides a short-term solution for programming needs. In contrast, their national network provides a long-term solution to a regenerative future for our girls that will last well beyond the COVID-19 emergency.