2014 Sons & Brothers Camp - 380


MSC’s Youth & Intergenerational Organizing program cultivates the next generation of California’s youth organizers and social justice leaders by modeling a transformative youth organizing approach and building infrastructure and capacity in more than 12 local community efforts as well as at the regional and state level.


Luis Sánchez


  • Align and bolster local and statewide youth organizing and engagement efforts by launching the Free Our Dreams Youth Organizing Network.
  • Provide intensive and ongoing youth organizing support and capacity building through targeted local and regional youth organizing institutes.
  • Coalesce and advance local and statewide youth organizing efforts through convening multi-organizational movement building strategy sessions.
  • Cultivate a culture and ethic within youth organizing that promotes inclusivity, intersectionality, and mind-body-spirit integration and wellness.

Recent Work

  • FreeOurDreams Queer and Trans Youth Leadership Summit: The Summit sought to ensure queer and trans youth of color visibility, safety, and leadership throughout the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Community (BHC) local, regional, and statewide efforts. Young people and mentors from across 10 of the 14 BHC sites came together for a 3-day retreat focused on program evaluation, powerful visioning, and healing. Participants were connected to a larger LGBTQ social justice network and inspired to deepen engagement of queer and trans youth in their respective sites.
  • Sons and Brothers Summer Leadership Camp: MSC, Sierra Nevada Journeys, and National Compadres Network convened a weeklong Summer Leadership Camp for 100 boys and young men of color affiliated with Building Healthy Communities sites. Participants took advantage of opportunities to develop a multi-faceted sense of identity and learn practices that sustain spiritual balance and well-being; build community across diverse experiences to strengthen movements for social justice; explore Purpose & Leadership; and develop commitments to engage in personal and social transformation in their communities.
  • Stepping Into Power: Leadership Academy for Boys and Men of Color: MSC developed this holistic curriculum as a resource for on-the-ground efforts to organize and build power with boys and young men of color across California. The workshops––divided into introductory, issue education, and skill-building sessions––are flexible to meet local needs and interests.  The curriculum grounds participants in a racial and gender justice “lens” for building the leadership of boys and young men of color, introduces the key community and policy issues of the statewide Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, and touches upon critical skills for systems change and social transformation.


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