MSC is dedicated to generating momentum toward a powerful shared story of the future. Drawing on our own work in shaping movement stories and narrative, collaborating with those deeply experienced in culture shift and communications justice, and infusing everything with a transformative lens and practice, MSC is committed to a practice of shaping the future.

At this moment in history we all need a story of a future that we can actively step into. We — as individuals, families, communities, and movements — must feel this story with the courageous and creative responsibility that moves our whole world forward.

MSC understands that a story is like a breath: We are creating, telling, and thinking in story every single minute of every single day.  Like becoming aware of our breath, becoming aware of how story shapes us and our world allows us to become more intentional and effective in everything we do.  As the Center for Story Based Strategy explains, “Stories are embedded with power— the power to explain and justify the status quo as well as the power to make change imaginable and urgent.”


Julie Quiroz


To co-create and narrate irresistible stories of a world powered by mutuality, interdependence, regeneration, and resilience.

This narration and story will have qualities such as:

  • Anticipating opportunities, slides and shocks – in ways that build identity for action in moments of shock.
  • Providing orientation and connection in moments of disorientation and disconnection.
  • Creating direction with vulnerability that connects people and moves them into action.
  • Situating people in history and tell the story as it unfolds.
  • Nurturing readiness to build, implement manage and govern when opportunities arise or are generated.
  • Inspiring vision for the future;
  • Reinforcing longing for lives of deep connection, family, joy;
  • Instilling courageous responsibility for our children/grandchildren and the world’s children/grandchildren.
  • Lifting up specific and inspiring examples of transformative change (not just resistance) led by those most impacted by oppression and exploitation
  • Highlighting the role of individual transformation within collective transformation
  • Expressing belief that everyone has the capacity to contribute to transformative change and offer a kind, patient, and open invitation to all.
  • Naming and transcending dualities that constrain imagination and action.
  • Supporting and spawning open source visioning

Recent Work

  • Released Love With Power that urges and inspires social justice groups and other change agents to explore, adopt, and strengthen collective transformative movement building and practice as an intentional and ongoing part of their work.
  • Published Love With Power Story Series that recognizes and celebrates the transformative practices infusing movements with vibrancy and innovation.
  • Produce Let’s Talk that is a space for anyone and everyone trying to build the relationships, power, strategy, collaboration, narratives, and new ways of being that can transform our society, economy, and culture.
  • Curate the MSC Facebook Page that provides inspiring and provocative news and resources to support grassroots-led transformative shifts.
  • Collaborated on Echoing Justice, a report by Center for Media Justice and Center for Story-Based Strategy that explores and lifts up emerging lessons, including what kind of communications work supports organizing and how does “movement communications” look on the ground.


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