Location: Washington, D.C.
Region: Washington, D.C. Area
Founding: 2020
Founders/leadership: Oni Crawford, founder

On Muvas is a growing and expanding mutual and direct aid and programming effort for single mothers, with a focus on young sex workers between the ages of 14 and 30, in Washington, D.C. It aims to provide timely supply and resource distribution while linking residents who have been affected by gentrification and pushed outward to Prince George’s county and Baltimore.

On Muvas’ mission is to provide wrap-around holistic support and networking for mothers and sex workers as well as feminist political education and programming via social media, curriculum development, and local organizing. The organization began as a mutual aid network in Fall 2020 to direct Breonna Taylor- and George Floyd-inspired national fundraising directly to Washington, D.C. mothers and sex workers in the city’s 4th, 7th, and 8th wards.

As On Muvas grows, it intends to expand support to clothing and hair, transportation, holistic parenting skills, and self-care that directly meets the needs of the community. Programs like “Too Tired to Turn Up” and “Twitter to Connect & Talk” will offer spaces for sex workers and mothers to find community, virtually and in person. And, there are plans to reach more people through the upcoming launch of a podcast as well as the founding of a cooperative pole studio for strippers in the community.