Let’s Talk welcomes submissions for guest blogs!

To submit please read the criteria and guidelines below, then send your draft blog post, along with a few sentences about yourself, to the Let’s Talk editor at julie@movementstrategy.org

About Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is a space for movement builders to share our favorite insights, funniest moments, worst fears, highest hopes, most embarrassing questions, and warmest wishes.

Let’s Talk is for anyone and everyone trying to build the relationships, power, strategy, collaboration, narratives, and new ways of being that can transform our society, economy, and culture.

Let’s Talk is a labor of love from Movement Strategy Center.

What we require

  • The post offers a practice, tool, or insight that strengthens movement building.  MSC defines movement building as “the coordinated effort of individuals, groups, and community institutions to build readiness for social movements, intentionally spark them, or sustain them once they’ve started. Movement Building involves collective processes and infrastructure that create shared vision, strategy, and action across different areas of social, economic, and ecological justice.”
  • The post leaves people feeling more equipped, ready, and/or inspired to do movement building.
  • The post is useful and relevant across multiple movement sectors.   A post may talk about only one area but has lessons and applications in others.
  • The post centralizes the organizing, experience, and perspective of those most impacted by oppression and exploitation.
  • The post uses real world examples from actual movement building work.
  • The post is written in a clear, accessible, and engaging way using minimum words (1,500 or less, please) for maximum effect and meeting basic standards of grammar.

What we won’t consider

  • Anything that puts down the work of another person or organization engaged in movement building.
  • Analysis/critique that does not offer a useful practice, tool, or insight.

Questions writers should ask themselves before submission

  • What is the practice, tool, or insight you are offering and how could others use it in movement building?
  • What is the movement challenge you are seeking to address?
  • What is the movement opportunity you are seeking to lift up?
  • How are you centralizing the experience, analysis, and demands of those most impacted by oppression and exploitation?
  • Do you offer real world examples from movement building (and hyperlinks to them)?
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