Let’s Talk: At the Heart
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Let’s Talk is a space for movement builders to share our favorite insights, funniest moments, worst fears, highest hopes, most embarrassing questions, and warmest wishes. Let’s Talk is for anyone and everyone trying to build the relationships, power, strategy, collaboration, narratives, and new ways of being that can transform our society, economy, and culture.

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Vision Through COVID: Portals to the Future

In the face of death, suffering, and brutally amplified racism, communities of color are caring for each other and leading the world with powerful love, strength, and vision. In this moment, Movement Strategy Center is humbled to offer Vision Through…
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Now We Can

I remember one time I was talking about how capitalism was failing and classmate-friend-teacher-organizer Mia Herndon said “capitalism is working exactly as it is meant to. in competition and constant growth, those who don’t…
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From Critique to Path Forward

Sharing some Monday morning post-J20 post-Women's March thoughts: 1. Dismissing the Women's March isn't helpful. We (vaguely speaking "the left") may not be able to survive (literally), let alone win or succeed, if we think we don't need to engage and win…
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My Invitation to Lead With Love

This letter is an invitation. I am writing to tell you that I am ready to lead with love as we challenge the normalization of hate. I am writing to invite you to join me. I have been standing on…
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Love in a Time of Hate

What does it mean to deeply love, protect and care for those closest to you? Those who stand to lose so much in the face of bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism? What are we willing to do to actively…
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What To Do? 3 Strategy Questions Matter

Right now, many of us are questioning the value of particular actions and tactics, asking whether or not they will be effective. We are missing the urgent strategic imperative of this moment. Any action is valuable that challenges the legitimacy of…
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November 9: What I’ll Tell My Kids

Sitting here on the eve of the election I wonder how I am going to make meaning of the election results on Wednesday morning, for myself and my daughters who are 8 and 6 years old. They’ve been very upset…
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The Inner Journey of Leadership

In December 2011, I became the executive director of a civil rights organization I’d long admired. My two-and-a-half years there knocked me flat on my face. When I left, all I wanted was to get as far away from the…
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