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Let’s Talk is a space for movement builders to share our favorite insights, funniest moments, worst fears, highest hopes, most embarrassing questions, and warmest wishes. Let’s Talk is for anyone and everyone trying to build the relationships, power, strategy, collaboration, narratives, and new ways of being that can transform our society, economy, and culture.

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Unmasking the Truth In Orange County

I live in Orange County, CA, where some of our neighbors are pushing to reopen as quickly as possible. Last month our county medical director required people here to wear masks in public before the governor did. The most vocal…
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Our Ancestors’ Roadmap

Viewing the world from rural New Mexico has felt painful and disorienting these past few months, as well as deeply meaningful. From here I see dominant systems collapsing before our eyes, more rapidly than ever before. I see our neighbors,…
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My Black Immigrant Life

I am a Black Immigrant Muslim woman in Detroit. Every morning I wake up and check which part of my identity is being targeted. Will I wear my “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt for someone Black killed today? Will I wear…
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Healing-Centered Revolution: Interview with Leslie Avant-Brown

From COVID-19 to the Movement for Black Lives, this moment in human history is asking us -- ready or not -- to show up as the best of who we are. Many people are turning to friends and colleagues for…
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Remembering Love Letters on Juneteenth

Today we celebrate the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth in Black Love with Black families!   Today I am reminded of two love letters. First, I remember that Black Lives Matter began as a love letter. As Alicia Garza shared in her…
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On Juneteenth I Want to Be a Happy Black Woman

On Juneteenth we remember how news of Emancipation did not reach our people in Galveston, TX until 2 1/2 years after it happened. It took 2 1/2 years for our people to find out. The story of Juneteenth is especially…
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Asian Families & Workers 4 Black Lives

Like so many of us in the US and around the globe, I’ve spent many recent days and nights on the streets demanding an end to white supremacy and police brutality, the forces that so violently took George Floyd, Breonna…
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#DefundThePolice: 10 Days of Articles to Read & Share

Led by the Movement for Black Lives, #DefundThePolice is a powerful mandate emerging from the nationwide uprisings spawned -- this time -- by the police murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade. #DefundThePolice tells the truth…
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