From Enough to Abundance:  To My Black Brothers & Sisters from a (decolonizing) Indigenous Latina

Written by Ana Perez

July 11, 2016

It is not enough for me to tell you how brokenhearted I am

It is not enough for me to know that your liberation is also my liberation

To move to abundance, I will hold at the forefront of my heart the wisdom of our ancient cultures and will conjure the place where our ancestors meet and bring forward loving memory

It is not enough for me to tell you that I see and honor your full humanity and that I can not imagine the anger and pain you feel right now

It is not enough for you to know that I will challenge anti blackness in every space and with all people – especially with my own

To move to abundance, when we meet I will remember In Lak’ech/ Ubuntu … you are the other me

It is not enough for you to know that I will always see, listen and believe you, especially in moments when the world scapegoats you

It is not enough to reassure you that your passion in uplifting the injustice on black people does not make my people’s struggle invisible

To move to abundance, I commit to fight for your children as fiercely as I fight for my own, because indeed our children’s innocence is worth fighting for


It is not enough for me to lift up and make visible the African legacy present in Latin America and push for black Latin Americans to be included

It is not enough for you to know that as I fight for reparations for indigenous communities in the Americas, I will also fight for reparations for all formerly enslaved Africans

To move to abundance, I will stand and walk with you through the fire, knowing when to follow and when to lead


It has been 524 years since this land, my land, began to be colonized, and 324 years since the first African was brought to this land enslaved

And this country is an infant at 238 years old, when we hold thousands and thousands of years of our people’s collective knowledge

We have enough time to turn this around but only if we turn from the US to a We

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