April 2, 2015

Rosa González With more 15 years of experience in popular education and transformative facilitation, Rosa is dedicated to a thriving culture of participation where communities come together to solve social, environmental, and economic challenges. Rosa is the Director of Applied Practice at Movement Strategy Center and leads MSC’s Community Climate Solutions program, advancing transformative resilience strategies that accelerate the emerging transition to a regenerative and interconnected world. She has designed and directed programs for The Building Healthy Communities Initiative, The Alliance for Climate Education, Green For All, and the Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action. Through her own project, Facilitating Power, she has partnered with dozens of organizations, agencies, and community leaders to develop participatory approaches to building community resilience and grassroots power. Rosa has a gift for accessing the core values at the heart of any effort and weaving shared narratives that unify groups around big vision and concrete practices. She is also a visual and performing artist and student of Vedic wisdom, committed to the lessons of our ancestors — to bring balance — with all our relations.

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