September 6, 2019

Morgan Prentice Morgan is excited to be a part of the new Investment Partnership team at MSC working to strategically resource the growing ecosystem of transformative movement building.

Ever since being politicized in the early 2000’s during the anti-war protests, she has been passionate about social change. During university, she was active in student organizing focused on registering students to vote and mobilizing them against tuition increases. She also partnered with different organizations, including California Common Cause, Public Citizen and Young People For to educate students about the corrupting influence of money in politics and its effect on public policy.

Previously, Morgan worked at the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) – United as the Executive Assistant and later Diners United Organizer, working nationally to improve wages and working conditions for restaurant workers. She holds a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and a minor in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

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