December 12, 2019

Miriam Cuevas Enciso Miriam emigrated from Mexico to the U.S. when she was one and soon after arrived in Detroit. She grew up between Southwest Detroit and its suburbs, which offered an opportunity to connect and learn from diverse groups of people. However, simultaneously she experienced the economic disparity between urban-suburban communities and even within a community itself. This exposure alongside the lack of legal status in the U.S.A. piqued her interest in both city-based and regional internships with the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. Once a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, her fear of living in the shadows began disseminating. Since then she has worked in both the non-profit and private sectors, specializing in program management as well as talent development and recruitment. More recently, she began honing in on her creative abilities such as graphic design. Today, Miriam still shares her time between Southwest Detroit and its suburbs, however more confident in her role to increase resource accessibility in pursuit of a better quality of life for communities and cultures that are marginalized.

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