December 20, 2012

Levana Saxon At MSC, Levana developed strategic methodology, curriculum and training projects to support movement building. She is also the founder of Practicing Freedom, which uses participatory action research, popular education and creative action to generate collaborative community-led change. Over the last 17 years she has trained and facilitated thousands of children, youth and adults.

As a youth activist, she served as the North American Advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme, co-founded the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth Alliance and facilitated international gatherings with Youth for Environmental Sanity. Later (as an adult) she taught Ecopedagogy, an arts-based form of popular education for ecological justice at the University of São Paulo in Brazil and helped organize the World Education Forum while working with the Paulo Freire Institute. At Rainforest Action Network, she developed a national climate education program for children and youth. She currently blogs and facilitates anti-racism trainings and dialogues with the White Noise Collective.

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